About Attend.TV?

Attend TV is a  Professional B2B and B2C International IPTV channel dedicated since 2006 to the professional International business community, showcasing companies, who would normally attend and exhibit at exhibitions and conferences.

The quantity and geographic location of exhibitions, conferences and events means that Companies can not possibly attend all the exhibitions and conferences which would give them the edge in their B2B and B2C marketplace globally. 

At Attend.TV we work to provide those companies the means and opportunity of putting their company in front of a select global audience of agents, Investors, Master Franchisees as well as  the all important end consumers who all pay to view and are constantly on the look out for the most innovative new services and products available.

Each item we show is not just a corporate video but a news article in itself of their company. The maximum 4 minute video is to the corporate video what Twitter is to social networking. We do not try to replace the attendance at exhibitions but the credit crunch has meant that many companies have had to tighten their belts and visiting International shows has become prohibitive, especially as we make them visible to an international marketplace far further a field than their normal attendee could visit and for far longer than the normal few days that an exhibition lasts.

In fact many agents and wholesalers use our channel to decide which companies to enquire about from the comfort of their own home, office or even  while commuting by utilising their laptops, Blackberries Iphones or even just their mobile phones

At the present time a subscription to attend TV is being sponsored by "the Barrington Group"  so virtual international visitors are able to tune in at no cost to themselves.

Even major Exhibition organisers have recognised that Attend TV can be one of the most important tools at their disposal when faced with event promotion and nothing helps more than happy exhibitors being interviewed at their event extolling its virtues.

How does it work? is the engine, the works, the windows, Linux or Driver. It is the machine that makes it all work. U tube for the business community. A professional back office application that allows B2B and B2C video news items and clips to be uploaded, hosted, stored and then streamed to one of our specific channels as well as to the client's website should they wish.

Currently we are working on the following channels :-
The Exhibition Channel           
The Fashion Channel              
The Property Investment Channel
The Internet Marketing Channel


and also
TV in English            
TV in Russian           
TV in French            
TV in Spanish          
TV in Chinese          
and TV in Portuguese

If you have a short B2B or B2C clip why not send it it us today for approval. We recommend using the free trial version of the program, "you send it"  as this will enable you to send large files via email. Please do not suggest that we download it from another site as our security protocols won't allow that.  Once your clip is approved we will upload it to the correct channel on the Attend.TV site and you will be able to view it on the appropriate channel as well as embed into your own website and emails so show it as a part of your own website.  (without that pesky u tub logo on it)

If you have a series of short videos you wish to present as a 'programme' you are able to do this, including setting the playing order. This is ideal to build the appearance of a 'catwalk' show, or for example to present a set of training videos in the correct sequence. The Broadcast filing fee for each uploaded clip, not uploaded by our i-reporter teams, is £49.

We do not allow the upload of non-business related clips. (we delete them immediately) However if you are a singer, a band, a dance troupe or an entertainer you are (in a way) a business in your own right. can therefore be used for your performances as well as for the promotion of (for example) an event where you are playing. (We have a soft spot for musicians, dancers and singers). Our logic works like this: If the video is of something we could 'attend' and it is business related, it is OK, if it is not business related but is something we could attend, we should possibly allow it. So this means that a wedding video or that video of your rabbit walking on two legs, or your daughter combing her hair, no thank you!  Products or services for sale, yes please, if it is in the form of an infomercial.

Companies which have a number of events running throughout the year and Venues with regular events ( Min 10) can have a dedicated television channel  within Attend.TV. Please take a look at some sample videos shot for leading name’s such as:

Please contact admin@Attend.TV  with your suggestions regarding any events you would like to see covered or any channels you would like to see.

To enquire whether Attend.TV will be at your event and to find out more, please contact us.



Researchers, Distributors, resellers, presenters, producers, cameramen, joint venture partners etc and suggestions for new channels will be taken seriously, please send them to

This channel can be branded with a logo and host footage from existing channels. It can also be combined with footage of sponsorship opportunities and other commercial angles.

If you wish we can arrange a film crew to film for you or you can use your own.

Attend.TV will then:-

  • Send an accredited presenter and film crew to the show to film you and any other attendees
    (unless you wish to use your own crew)

  • work to a brief covering special areas or film general 'catch-all’ footage

  • edit and make a rough cut available to you typically within two days of the event.

  • work closely with you to refine the film and add extras such as graphics and maybe a voice over

  • edit the film to approximately 20 minutes in duration to your satisfaction The film will typically consist of shots of the venue and perhaps an interview with the organiser. A general overview of the event and more detailed content such as exhibitor comments and product demonstrations can also be shot. All areas and special features of the event can be filmed including corridor shots, bar and VIP areas. In addition, we can also cover key speakers, seminars, interview exhibitors and visitors; however, your brief is our guiding principle.
    our work for Confex. At the end of the process we will pass the film over to you as your extremely valuable property.

    Why so valuable?
    1) Obviously this film will be hosted on Attend.TV
    2) we provide you with the HTML code so that you can show the video directly from your own website
    3) But In addition, which is seriously clever we will offer your clip to the international "content is king" marketplace for sale and usage and pass 50% of all revenues from any agreements with you. Not only does this add to your exposure as well as that of the event organiser but also creates the famous "Back links" which every search engine optimiser will tell you are essential to obtaining a prime position in Google. We will handle all the legal elements such as consent and release forms for you.

    7th November 2009




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