At the present time I regret that for quality control it is not possible for clients to upload their video themselves before they have become one of our official Resellers. For this reason we will upload your videos for you.

After we have uploaded several videos for you  we will setup your Barrington TV account.

What can be uploaded?
Any single clip can be uploaded, or several linked together to create a programme. A programme can be left “open” so that others can contribute videos to it or made “private” so that only you can add content to the programme over a period of time. Using the programme facility also enables you to choose the sequence in which the clips are played. This is far superior to simple tags. Sexy is good but please do not ask us to upload clips with indecent content -they will be swiftly deleted which just wastes everybody’s time! (if in doubt what indecent means email us)



Can any format be uploaded?
No, only Flash uploads will work, but this is not a problem. We Use a converter on the site. Please note that for best results a “wide screen” format should be used when taking your clip. However other formats will play on the site in a reduced width player. For the technically minded amongst you: The ideal specification for your flash upload is as follows: Format FLV: Parameters: video frame rate = 25, video bitrate = 360, video size = 16:9, deinterlace = true, audio channels = 2, audio bitrate = 56, audio sampling rate =22050.

What we will do is give you technical help so that we receive your clip/infomercial, take the time to inspect it, evaluate it for suitability and allocate it to a channel. We will handle all the legal elements such as consent and release forms for you, ensure that all performing rights laws have been adhered to  and our legal experts will check the content to ensure that no laws are being breached.



Then we will upload it it to that channel and ensure that it appears correctly in the right place, in the right order, send you the code to embed on your website, and remove it for you after 12 months  or we will remove it earlier if you wish.

For all this we charge a fee of £50 + vat , ( 55 Euros or  $85). U tub will let you do all that for free if you wish to be included with all the teenage prank clips and animal trick footage. Our clips also have no logo on them.

For more information


Barry Schiller
CEO/ Managing Director
Attend TV and Barrington TV (Part of the Barrington Group)


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