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We currently have i-reporters in all continents and in many cities but the demand for our service is growing and we regularly need need young dynamic, fun, sexy and professional freelance i-reporter  production teams to work with us. Irrespective of your past experience you will be asked to send us a current clip of you speaking to a camera. We will then either accredit you as an experienced i-reporter of as a trainee and enter you into our media training programme at no cost to yourself. presenters should be attractive whether male or female and the videographer competent but at the same time they are in the business world and usually it’s not red carpet work with evening gowns and jewels, even for the videographer unless they provide their own.Should you wish to have further information regarding working with us please email

What are i-reporters
i-reporters are our eyes and ears in their local area whether it be Birmingham, Bombay, Beijing, Brisbane or Baltimore. We rely upon them to bring us the "action" in their local area, to inform us what events people attend there. We support them with years of experience and by being their critical friend. i-reporters are part of mini journalistic teams. These teams are made up of a presenter, a videographer/editor and a researcher to find which companies to interview. Every i-reporter team has a team leader but an i-reporter can therefore be any one of the team components who either organises the other components themselves or who we put together with other team members. They must however be able to work in a smart, confident,  entrepreneurial manner , on their own initiative and organise their own teams as they work in all global locations and time zones.They must be able to use their own initiative to convince individuals with massive egos to not only take them seriously but also spend time and resources during their busy day to be interviewed . In that vein Our presenters are not just attractive  speakers. They have to be entrepreneurial, management individuals with a large portion of common sense who have the ability to organise. Every week we receive over 200 applications and we accredit on average only 5% of applicants



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