HOME | ABOUT US | FAQ | VACANCIES | SPONSORS | INVESTORS | AFFILIATES | UPLOAD | CONTACTCHANNELS | REGISTER is the engine, the works, the windows, Linux or Driver. It is the machine that makes it all work. U tube for the business community. A professional back office application that allows B2B and B2C video news items and clips to be uploaded, hosted, stored and then streamed to one of our specific channels as well as to the client's website should they wish.

Currently we are working on the following channels :-

The Exhibition Channel

The Fashion Channel

The Property Investment Channel

The Internet Marketing Channel

as well as channels in all foreign languages
such as

If you would like to propose or create a new channel our Managing Director would  look forward to hearing from you

Barry Schiller, CEO/ Managing Director
Attend TV and Barrington TV (Part of the Barrington Group)



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Barrington TV and Attend TV are Barrington Group Companies